• What if my business isn't in the US?

    We work with businesses throughout the world. Unfortunately, the only currencies we accept are USD, CAD, and Euros. If you wish to pay with CAD or Euros there is a 5% exchange fee. Ask your sales rep to convert your invoice to your desired currency. As for our products, they should work in most countries with some exceptions. If you have any doubts that a product or service won't work in your country please contact your sales rep.

  • How does pricing work?

    Pricing varies for each client since no two clients are the same. We make our pricing as realistic and as fair as possible. We also offer payment plans with low interest so that you can pay off your invoice over a period of time.

  • How do I make payments?

    We currently accept cash and checks for clients that live within driving distance of Seattle, Washington. We also accept PayPal as well as direct bank transfer. We also offer payment plans with low interest so that you can pay off your invoice over a period of time instead of all at once. Contact your sales rep to find out the best way for you to make payments.

  • What's the difference between Web Development and Web Design?

    Web Development refers to the creation of web applications. A web application is commonly used for advanced sites like keeping track of inventory, hours worked, etc. Whereas Web Design is better suited for clients looking to have a website where they can share information with customers and carry products. If you're not sure what your business needs contact your sales rep.

  • How do I know if my business needs a Web, Software, or Mobile Application?

    Web Applications are best used for sites that have advanced features and where you want it to work on computers, tablets, and mobile. We usually recommend web applications for businesses that won't be able to fully capture the potential of a mobile app.
    Software Application is best designed for very advanced features where a browser will be too slow or won't be able to run it. Software apps will only be available on computers but in return they will be much faster and more advanced than a web app.
    Mobile Applications are best suited if your business finds that most of the use is on mobile. A mobile app is much faster than a web app and will allow for work to be done more efficiently. A mobile app is also a very good marketing strategy because it allows customers to purchase a product or service directly from their phone.